We are very fortunate to have customers that wanted to tell their Cornerstone Story. All we asked was for them to share with us their experiences honestly. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Sebrina’s Story

Needed Help And Guidance

“It was really nice…I called ahead and found a vehicle online that I was thinking about…and as soon as I got here it was parked in front. My finance manager helped me alot with financing. It was confusing to me, but he explained everything very thoroughly and he helped me get a really good rate. It was so positive, I felt like part of the family.”

Sue’s Story

Emergency Service Saved Vacation

“My husband and I were going on vacation…heard a noise and said I can’t drive this car…another 12 hours…we said what are we going to do? I’m going to drive to Cornerstone KIA, it’s Saturday morning…I know they have service…so I sit outside and waited until they opened…to see if there was any chance they could get us in…and sure enough…they did. They went above and beyond to help me out that morning so I could get on to my vacation. I feel like they know you and are going to take care of you, and you’re never going to get anything but honesty.”

Mick & Mary’s Story

Long Way For Quality Service

“The honesty and the integrity, I think that’s their culture. they’re just a good company that believes in their product and believes in their customers. They just always make us feel like we’ve been with them forever, even though it’s only been a little over three years, but it’s the only place I’ll ever buy a car. We live in Grand Rapids and it’s a three hour drive for us to come down to Cornerstone Kia in Elk River. But it’s worth the trip because the, the service and making sure that we have the quality Kia parts on the car is the most important thing for us. It’s worth the extra mile to drive down.”

Mike’s Story

Likes No Haggle, No Surprise Buying

“I looked online and happened to find a number of vehicles that I was looking for and one of the vehicles was at Cornerstone. So I made the call and, and someone was available to talk to me and came over here and found that the, experience was pretty amazing. No haggle, no hassle for cost. We found the lowest interest rate that we could because I was of course financing the vehicle…it was an online experience that turned into a great experience.”

Kevin H’s Story

Right Vehicle At The Right Time

“Back in 2016 when I was looking for a replacement truck, I wanted another F-150. I had an F150 for about 16 years. It was time to hang it up. It was time for a new vehicle…I just didn’t feel comfortable with the dealerships that we visited until we went to Cornerstone. As soon as I stepped into Cornerstone I knew they were friendly, I could tell they were competent. And I learned to appreciate that they had integrity”

Michelle’s Story

Needed To Go The Extra Mile

“So when I walked in I found a salesman right away and was able to drive one vehicle that I was pretty set on. I was able to take that vehicle overnight…I knew this wasn’t for me…I called him, the next morning and said, I think I need to come in. I think we need to talk and look, look a little bit different. And he was open and welcoming to that and said, I’m going to get some things ready for you and we’ll take it from there. And that’s exactly what we did. My salesman was absolutely wonderful and really took, went that extra mile for me.”

Carolyn’s Story

Found Her Dream Vehicle

“I came to Cornerstone Auto with the intent to find a vehicle for my son…I’m with him on the passengers side…I said oh no, no, I’m not interested till it’s my dream vehicle…he said I got something to show you…and I was driving my dream car, a Cadillac XT5!”

Heather’s Story

Caer Community Aid Elk River

“We first started working with Cornerstone Auto when we’re doing our drive for your community event, where we could have friends and family do test drives and Ford vehicles and that would earn $25 to donate to Caer Food Shelf because we did the drive for your community event. We were looking to use an actual van in the video and Cornerstone let us use a transit connect van…Cornerstone Auto also worked with us very well with purchasing another van to make sure we could stay within budget.”

Emily’s Story

First Time Car Buyer

“As a woman, I was buying a car for the first time, I did have some concerns…I wanted to walk in and be taken seriously, ask questions without anyone making anybody make me feel like I didn’t know what I was talking about.”

Mel & Jeanette’s Story

Satisfied Community Members

“I think we were very impressed with the friendly atmosphere. When you come through the door, you’re acknowledged, which is very nice. It makes you feel welcomed and they’re here to answer all your questions. And we did have a lot of questions…”

Kevin’s Story

Satisfied Customer

“Our experience at Cornerstone just from the beginning was, was fantastic. The sales people were super intelligent. A consultative approach, willing to help, just seem to really, really be genuine.”

Michael’s Story

My Very Own Bed Owner

“I absolutely would recommend Cornerstone Auto. It wasn’t just a one and done car buying experience. The relationship that we’ve still had and carry on today is, is very important to My Very Own Bed…”

Satya’s Story

First Time Car Buyer

“I love this car for my college experience and everything has enough room for like, my personal closet in the back…buying my first vehicle here, I would definitely get mine, like no matter even if I was living outside of state, I would honestly come here than anywhere else.”

Dee’s Story

Treat Tuesday Customer

“I am so grateful that as a woman I can come in and feel comfortable at in the service department. I can feel comfortable because when we bought our cars, my husband has said, no, she’s the one who will be buying this. She’s the one, talk to her and I love that…they do not be little me. They always lifted me up and make me feel very comfortable and important…that means a lot to me as a woman.”

Todd’s Story

Satisfied Community Members

“They make you comfortable though, not just selling you a car. You and your salesmen are going to be friends when you leave that place and that’s the part that is just awesome. You hear all the time, snake oil salesman, when I go to a dealer. I don’t feel that ever when I go there…”

Tiffa’s Story

Named Her New Car Nemo

“..you can go online and schedule an appointment, you can schedule your oil changes, you can download coupons. I mean everybody wants a deal, so that’s great for me. But you can call, you know, they’ll send you a notification if they think that your oil changes coming up.”

Jay’s Story

Trusting Service Customer

“It’s amazing. One person said, you must clone…it was like speaking to the same guy. I mean they have the same attitude, same commitment to making sure you’re comfortable and you get the right vehicle without pressuring you and making sure that it fits who you are as a person.”

Tiffany’s Story

Valued Service Customer

“…what a nice place to have cheerful people willing to help you and ready to help you with whatever needs that you need. Whether that be a used car, whether that be a new car, whether that be a Kia, whether that be a Chevy. Whatever spectrum you’re in, they’re there to help you and they just want you to be happy driving on the road…”

Cookie’s Story

Believes in Miracles

“…there’s always somebody around to help you if you need the help and not. To me, that is number one of my books. I really appreciate what they do. I wouldn’t go to anybody else. You could give me a thousand dollars, a million dollars and I’d say no thank you.”

Pramela & Satya’s Story

Mom and Daughter Team

“Quality, customer service, satisfaction. You get all that here at Cornerstone. There was no question about it. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. If I have to shop for a vehicle or encourage anybody else to go anywhere…it will be Cornerstone.”

Matt’s Story

Valued Customer

“The culture here is friendly. That’s what I like about it. It’s friendly. They’re not jumping right down on you. The second you walk in here. So I’m the clean, bright atmosphere and the people, they’re always friendly and they’re knowledgeable. ”

Al & Carol’s Story

Satisfied Service Customers

“Well, we needed something done a couple of weeks ago and we thought, you know, we really didn’t have the time to come down here. We called the local garage and was more expensive than coming down here to have it done and they’re not nearly as nice.”

Gary I’s Story

Happy Quick Lane Customer

“I’ve had a good experience with service at Cornerstone. We go to the Quick Lube. You get to sit in the little room drinking coffee…and look out the window to see what they are doing to your vehicle.and they give you a free carwash…that’s very nice.”

Gary R’s Story

Monticello Resident

“As a community member, I’m proud to work with Cornerstone because they care what is happening about our community of Monticello and Elk River, and they are extremely supportive.”

Matt M’s Story

Valued Customer

“The culture here is friendly, that’s what I like about it…they’re not jumping right down on ya the second you come in here. It’s really easy to just come in here and walk around if ya want, to look at cars or if you want questions answered they are there to do it.”


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