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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS Sensors

One of the most important maintenance tips Rogers drivers must have in mind is tire pressure. It can be easy to slip your mind, but maintaining good tire pressure can ensure you and your passenger’s safety while driving, better fuel economy, and more benefits.

One of the most helpful tools drivers can use to stay on top of their tire maintenance is a TPMS. But, what does TPMS mean? It stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Learn more about this helpful tool in the guide below or schedule a maintenance service with our team of experts!

What is TPMS and How Does it Work? 

Some people who aren’t attuned with their car’s maintenance may ask, “what does TPMS mean?” If you drive a vehicle, you’ve probably seen the yellow air pressure symbol that appears on your dashboard. Tire Pressure Monitoring System indicates that one or a few of your tires are low on air and they need to be refilled.

This system is equipped in all vehicles because it’s essential to the safety of all drivers on the road. So, if you’re driving down the roads of Anoka and you see this TPMS turn on, pull over to your nearest gas station or drop by our Elk River dealership for service.

Why Is Tire Pressure so Important?

Tire Pressure Monitoring System can not only save your life but your money as well. By simply filling up your tires to the correct PSI (pounds per square inch) on the side of your tire, you’ll be getting the following benefits:

  • Increased fuel economy because deflated tires cause resistance to rolling on the road.
  • Decrease the wear of your tires
  • Increase your towing capability to your vehicles full potential 
  • Reduce the chances of a flat tire or blowout

Service your Vehicle at Cornerstone Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram!

Still unsure about what does TPMS means? Come down to our Coon Rapids-area dealership and service your vehicle with our team of experts. If your Tire Pressure Monitoring System indicates that your vehicle needs servicing, feel free to schedule a session with us or visit us for in-person service!


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