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How to Jump Start a Car

Jumper Cables

Car malfunctions can occur without warning and sometimes at the worst possible time. While some people can be oblivious to automotive maintenance, it’s always good to know how to properly jump start a car when the battery dies.

The proper way to jump start a car battery isn’t the hardest technique to learn, and it can save time and money when your battery dies. Use this helpful guide to jump start a dead battery. If your car won’t jump start, schedule a visit to our Rogers-area dealership for your jump start car service. 

Tools and Tips to Jump Start your Car Battery

If you want to know how to properly jump start a car, there are some tools and vehicle parts that you should have on you and be aware of. The most important tool that Anoka drivers should always have in their car is the jumper cables. 

When your car won’t jump start, inspect your car battery’s terminals for residue and discharge build-up. This happens naturally to all batteries, whether it’s a car or remote control battery. This greenish-blue discharge blocks the electricity from jump starting the battery. Regularly inspect your battery’s engine for this build-up. If you haven’t checked your battery’s conditioning, you can remove the residue with a greased rag. 

How to Properly Jump Start a Car 

Trouble jump starting your car? There are some basics that you must understand to know how to properly jump start a car. The following steps are the proper way to jump start a car:

  • Park another car closely and side by side to one another, almost touching. Then Turn off both cars. 
  • After opening the hoods of both cars, locating the car’s battery. Make sure that both batteries are clear of discharge.
  • Identify the Positive (red) and negative (black) terminals on the car’s battery. 
  • With jumper cables in hand, attach the red and black clamps to both terminals. Do the same with the car that’s still running.
  • Once both cables are clamped, turn on the functioning car. The car with the dead battery will either start up immediately or take a few minutes to fully charge.

See our Jump Start Car Service in Cornerstone Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

If your car won’t jump start or you need a routine check on your vehicle, visit our Coon Rapids-area dealership to see our jump start car service. We’ll inspect your battery and do the proper maintenance to ensure it’s running smoothly and show you how to properly jump start a car. Contact us with any questions you may have, and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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