When to Use Low Gear

Two 2020 Jeep Cherokee models using low gear on a mountain trail

If you have an automatic transmission in your vehicle, you may have wondered, like so many other Rogers drivers, what that “L” stands for on your gear indicator. That “L” indicates the low gear in your vehicle. But what is low gear in a car with automatic transmission supposed to do? When should you use it? Should you use it at all? Don’t worry, Cornerstone Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Elk River is here to help. We explain below when to use low gear, and what it does.

What Is Low Gear in a Car?

Low gear reduces the flow of fuel to the engine so that it will run at lower speeds without utilizing the braking system as much as it would otherwise. This reduces wear and tear on the brakes and keeps them from overheating. You might be thinking, “Doesn’t my automatic transmission automatically do that? I mean, it’s right there in the name.” It does. But there are times when your transmission may need a little help.

When to Use Low Gear in an Automatic Transmission

Drivers of manual transmissions already know when to shift into low gear. But believe it or not, there are situations you may want to utilize low gear in your vehicle with automatic transmission, even while driving around Anoka. These are times when your transmission may need some assistance staying in at a lower speed. Here are some situations when to use low gear in an automatic transmission:

  • Going down a steep hill for an extended period of time. Your automatic transmission will automatically downshift during this time. But if you shift the vehicle into low gear, the car will not have to engage the brakes as much. This is especially important when towing.
  • Towing. What is low gear in a car used for? This. Low gear is a big help when towing with your Jeep Compass or RAM 1500. But wouldn’t you need more power for towing, not less? Torque is far more important when towing than power is. When an engine is made to work with less fuel, it is forced to use more torque.

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